Thursday, 21 June 2018

Life After Financial Freedom, with Brandon - the Mad FIentist | Afford Anything

Life After Financial Freedom, 

with Brandon - the Mad FIentist | Afford Anything

Over a year-and-a-half and two million plus downloads later, the Afford Anything podcast has hit another awesome milestone: the 100th episode! To celebrate, I recorded this one live from Ecuador with my good friend Brandon, otherwise known as the Mad FIentist. If you’ve been a listener since the early days, you may remember Brandon from episode #7. He was the first guest to appear on the podcast, and I’m thrilled to have him back on for round two! In this episode, we focus on life after financial freedom: - What projects has Brandon been working on? - What are the biggest lessons he’s learned from being FI so far? - How does he maintain motivation to get things done now that money isn’t an issue? - What does a typical day look like for Brandon? - How Brandon’s wife became a FIentist after some initial resistance. - Why full-time travel after FI didn’t work out for him and more! Enjoy, and thanks for listening! For show notes and resources, please go to: