Wednesday, 11 July 2018

From $19,676.41 to Making OVER $100,000 (4 key mindset shifts)

From $19,676.41 to Making OVER $100,000 

(4 key mindset shifts)

How did I go from making $19,676.41 to making over 6 figures per year? What were the Four Key Mindset Shifts that I had to make to allow this to happen? So I was going through some old files and I came across my 2004 tax return. This was significant because this was the first tax return I filed after my first year of becoming a financial advisor. ⚡ What a flashback! Just remembering where I was in my life and career at that time. I didn’t come from money and I didn’t have any friends or family that was making over six figures, so i just didn’t associate with those types of people. And that type of mindset. I didn’t know if it was something that I could ever accomplish, I don’t even think this was on my radar as a possibility. 💭 When I became a financial advisor, that opened my world to new possibilities and new opportunities. So who was that guy back then, and what types of mindset changes did I have to make mentally to get me from making $19k+ to making six figures - and now over 7 figures today. 👦 So I was 20 years old, as green as could be. I had no experience other than retail jobs and my college degree. But as far as making money, and making over six figures per year...I had no experience with that. We lived in a house that my dad paid for with cash - $8,000. Both of my parents had filed bankruptcy. So how do you shift from that style of life to working towards a more successful future? I think it all started before my career took off. My first mindset change was that the sky is the limit. I had to put myself in a position to have some control over my income. 💵 So when I think back, what were the four key things that allowed me to push through to making over six figures? ➡️ 1. Sales position [4:04] - It doesn’t matter what type of career you are in, you are selling something (even if it is just yourself). ➡️ 2. Bet on Myself [7:03] - I had to believe that I was going to succeed, regardless of what anyone else believed. 😁 ➡️ 3. Remove limited beliefs [10:07] - You have to believe that where you are right now can have an impact, but not limit where you will be in the future. ➡️ 4. Never get comfortable [14:34] - No matter how big or how small the success, never get comfortable with where you are. You have to keep growing. 🌻 If you are trying to achieve that level of 6 figures or more, these are the things that you have to do. You can’t just get somewhere and just cruise or drift. You have to keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself. Just make sure to step back and celebrate your wins along the way. Otherwise, there is just too much pressure and you are not allowing yourself to enjoy your successes. 😁 I will address going from six to seven figures in another video, but a lot of these things will still apply. So work on these four key mindsets now. That will build your foundation to continued success.