Monday, 2 July 2018

How to Retire by 40: Lessons from the Financial Samurai

How to Retire by 40: 

Lessons from the Financial Samurai

Check out more at: How do you become rich? Sam Dogen, the founder of Financial Samurai, lost 50% of his income overnight. What would you do? Most people: 1) Would give up trying to become rich again 2) Become angry, blaming the world 3) Turn to alcohol, drugs, or other vices But Sam wanted to figure out WHY he lost his money — and how he could prevent it from ever happening again. He started doing researching, experimenting, and chronicling his journey on a blog called Financial Samurai. At first, Financial Samurai started as a side hustle. But a couple years after starting, it TOOK OFF. Today, the blog is Sam's full-time business. Plus, he's become MORE successful than ever before! In this video, learn Sam's advice for becoming rich. Use these tips to start making money today. Resources: My podcast with world-class experts: grow your email list and get more customers: discounted products to help you work better: exclusive marketing tips on my personal blog: behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram: My favorite tips to grow your biz on Twitter: snapchat videos to make you laugh: